Veteran’s Mall War Memorial, United GI Joe


1418 11th Ave, Altoona, PA 16601

Next to Mountain View Eye Associates (right side) will be the Veteran’s Mall. This site displays another form of public art, the memorial. This memorial was built by the American Veterans of Foreign Wars. The names of soldiers who died in subsequent wars are added, as were those who have contributed to the memorial’s preservation.

At the head of the mall there is a series of steps that will lead you to the sculpture of a soldier. The soldier statue is untitled, but if often referred to as GI Joe. Created by Joe Servello, the sculpture was commissioned by Gerald Wolf, whose brother George was killed at Pearl Harbor. As you examine the statue, you will begin to notice that it is a series of two dimensional cutouts of soldiers, welded together in such a way that, as you walk around it, you see the profiles of different soldiers.