Local Band Walkney Set to Perform at Jaffa Shrine

Walkney Jaffa Shrine

Local Band Walkney Set to Perform at Jaffa Shrine

– by Alexis Ritchey

On April 9th, 2016, one of Altoona’s well-known bands, Walkney, is going to be putting on a show like “Altoona has never seen,” according to Walkney’s vocalist and guitarist Derek Mrdjenovich.

Walkney was formerly known as The Big Time. In December of 2015, The Big Time decided to change their name to Walkney as the band transitioned into adulthood. Walkney falls under the category of pop rock/alternative. The band is consisted of 2 members: Derek Mrdjenovich and Aaron Porta. The two have been playing together since 2011. Derek Mrdjenovich was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in Altoona. Aaron Porta is Walkney’s drummer. Aaron Porta also grew up in Altoona. The two met through mutual friends. They had skateboarded together, and they had always seemed to run into each other at Galactic Ice. In the words of Derek Mrdjenovich, the idea of a band just “snowballed from there.”

Walkney has major plans for their future. The two member band would like to someday sell out Wembley Stadium in London, England, win a Grammy, or sell a million records. For now, though, Walkney just wants to “pack the Jaffa and have an impact on the younger people of Altoona.”

For the April 9th event, called Walkney Rocks the Jaffa, Walkney collaborated with Penn State Altoona’s Sheetz Fellows to establish and create the event. The event benefits the Altoona Community Theater (ACT). Walkney is also doing the event to celebrate Blair County’s young performing artists. Walkney does not want to give too much away about their event, but the band is going to be using the biggest production they have ever used before. Walkney is also going to be performing some familiar songs and also some new music they have written. Also, Walkney is going to be using different local instrumentalists and dancers. There is going to be sign language interpretation at the concert as well. Walkney wants to “inspire young people of Altoona to follow their dreams and work hard.”

The Jaffa Shrine’s 3,500 person auditorium. The Jaffa Shrine is known for the Circus and the Sports Show as well as many other events.
Picture taken by: Alexis Ritchey

Show Details

Walkney Rocks the Jaffa is going to take place on April 9th at 7:00 pm. The doors will open at 6:00 pm. The concert is going to be held at the Jaffa Shrine, 2200 Broad Avenue, Altoona, PA. The Jaffa Shrine is an auditorium style convention center that can seat up to 3500 people.

The Jaffa Shrine

The Jaffa Shrine has also held many well-known area events such as the Jaffa Circus and the Jaffa Sports Show. Tickets are available at http://www.walkneyjaffa.com/ or tickets can be purchased at the door.

The Jaffa Shrine, located at 2200 Broad Avenue, Altoona, PA, is home to many events, and organized under Shiners International.
Photo taken by: Alexis Ritchey
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