DABC Member Spotlight: A Better Address LLC

DABC Member Spotlight: A Better Address LLC

-A Better Address LLC is a real estate development company owned by arcihtect Judy Coutts. A Better Address LLC develops both commercial and residential rental properties.

Judy states, “(The business began) way back 40 years ago when in architecture school, a developer made a presentation at my university, and I said to myself, ‘I’d like to do that.’ Once my son graduated from high school, I decided to focus on real estate development, using my design skills to help that effort. After researching 23 properties in Altoona’s downtown, my intuition told me to take a look at the former Dunmire Printing building. I purchased that property, and now have two properties in my portfolio.”

What makes her business one of a kind is Judy’s years of architectural practice, along with her work in the preservation of historic buildings, have given her a heart for old buildings. She loves to see them re-purposed and have people re-discover their detail and charm.

A Better Address LLC has plans for the future which include repurposing at least two more buildings in Altoona.

The business currently has 843 square feet of ground floor commercial space at the corner of 9th Avenue and 12th Street — a highly visible location — available for rent. The space has high ceilings, natural light, and two storefronts for great visibility. It has a heart for small business, too, and will work with you to get you into your space in an affordable way.

Visit the A Better Address Website at:

Contact Information:
818 12th Street, Suite 200 Tel. 814-943-6022

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