Our Mission

I Love Altoona Mission

Discover. Enjoy. Give Back.

ILoveAltoona.com is a collaboration between the Greater Altoona Economic Development Corp. (GAEDC) and the I Love Altoona Committee, both devoted to making Altoona, PA a growing, thriving community.

Over the past several years, ILoveAltoona.com has evolved into a significant communication venue for the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. It’s more than just basic information on Altoona. It’s about exploring, enjoying, and sharing with the community we call home.

Our Mission is Simple

ILoveAltoona.com is a venue to strengthen families, revitalize neighborhoods, develop local business, and renew our community.

The founders of this site, Matt and Christina Garber, believe that Love your neighbor as yourself, the second greatest commandment, is the guiding principle.

We want to truly love Altoona by caring, acting, thinking and speaking in ways that will help our citizens and improve our City.

I Love Altoona Mission
ILA Goals

What’s Next?

ILoveAltoona.com is not a newspaper website; nor is it a simple blog.  It is not just information or even just discussion – it’s discussion designed to lead to action. Do you love Altoona?  Then join us in building a strong community for today and tomorrow.

May Altoona shine in the days ahead.